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‘The Memory Stick’ is inspired by international research into memory, information recall and cognition. The product is backed by outcomes from studies in the US, UK, Thailand and Korea on the effect of inhaling rosemary on memory function and information recall in learning and testing.

Grown in Victoria, this 100% natural blend of rosemary, sage and grapeseed oil is packed in a roll-on applicator. Anita Watt, Managing Director of Glenelg River Herbs and The Memory Stick says the latest research proves the effectiveness of the product.

“We based our formula on recent studies from institutions including Northumbria University which show that the herbs in The Memory Stick affect neurological pathways to make a user’s mind sharper and quicker to recall learned information. The results are indicating a positive effect on students’ outcomes in exams.” Scientists say that immediate cognitive effect on students’ recall and cognition are achieved by direct inhalation of the bioavailable scents.

The Memory Stick allows portable, direct access to immediate neurological effects. As well as noted enhancements in cognitive ability, The Memory Stick harnesses the power of sage to address anxiety. Thus, The Memory Stick is a powerful therapy for the acute demands of study and exams, with the added benefit of erring on the side of proven natural remedies for anxiety over the ‘dulling’ side effects of pharmaceuticals.

GLENELG RIVER HERBS (Our Parent Company)

Glenelg River Herbs has been producing high-quality culinary herbs in the western district of Victoria since 1997. It’s the largest producer of rosemary in the southern hemisphere. The farm also exports oregano, sage, bay and thyme nationally. The farm was established by two women, Christina Hindhaugh AO (now deceased) and Anita Watt near Balmoral. In the town of Balmoral, population 200, the farm is the biggest employer, apart from the local school.

The fluctuating staff of up to 20 is mostly local mothers who work flexible hours around the school bus pickups. In 1997 Founder Christina Hindhaugh was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake a study tour of broadacre herb growing in the US, UK and France. The farm earned a federal New Industry Development Program Grant in 2002. Glenelg River Herbs is 100% Australian owned and pesticide free.

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